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American Home Inventory Protection


Insurance companies, law enforcement, and estate planners recommend a thorough inventory of your personal property.

Statistics from the National Insurance Industry show that homeowners who have a thorough inventory collect more when submitting claims than those who do not.

Our documentation services can also assist you in estate planning, moving and storage preparation, asset liquidation and more.

The stress of loss is NO time to rely on your memory. Our services provide an accurate documented inventory of your home and possessions to ensure proper settlement at the time of a claim.


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American Home Inventory Protection

A Business Inventory?

We get the questions of "Why would I need an inventory of my business?". Well I'll explain a few of the answers below.


With a proper inventory completed you do not have to worry come tax time to make sure you did not miss listing any items that you could claim as a depreciable asset. With an inventory you can just turn over a copy of your "inventory" to your accountant or put it in your computer if you do your own taxes.


Most times a business has many assets that go unnoticed. With a proper inventory you can make sure you have enough insurance to cover your business should the unexpected happen. With an inventory you can rest assured that you are properly documenting your business assets for the future.

There are many items that any small business may have that without an inventory makes the replacement phase that much longer: Do you have any of these items?

*Filing Cabinets
*Answering Machines
*Stereo Systems

A business can be destroyed due to severe damages and burglary. But with an inventory in place it will make the recovery period that much easier.

Who get a Business Inventory:

Real Estate Offices

The list goes on and on. Each and every person that is responsible for a business owes it to themselves to have a proper Inventory.


"Know what you own"
Do you know what you own?  You probably think you do, but could you come up with a complete list of all your personal possessions if you had to -- your furniture, appliances, clothing, valuables?  If your home is damaged by a storm, then that is exactly what you might be required to do.  Such a list is needed if a homeowners insurance claim is to be settled fairly.  Also, it is required by your policy.  Now is the time to begin putting together a list or inventory of all your personal property and keep it up to date.

* Something to think about: Our service recommends that your information be kept in a safe deposit box at your local financial institution or a secure, fireproof safe.  This is the only time-tested manner which ensures the information will be there when you need it.  Online services have become popular, however security and confidentiality are questionable to say the least.  Will your on-line inventory be there when you really need it?