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American Home Inventory Protection


Insurance companies, law enforcement, and estate planners recommend a thorough inventory of your personal property.

Statistics from the National Insurance Industry show that homeowners who have a thorough inventory collect more when submitting claims than those who do not.

Our documentation services can also assist you in estate planning, moving and storage preparation, asset liquidation and more.

The stress of loss is NO time to rely on your memory. Our services provide an accurate documented inventory of your home and possessions to ensure proper settlement at the time of a claim.


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American Home Inventory Protection

Q: I own a camera and computer… Can I just do this myself?
A: There is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking your own personal inventory. However, while many homeowners have every intention of doing it, usually they never get around to it until after it is too late. We do this for a living and have developed a methodology and process that ensures proper documentation and utmost security of your personal inventory.

Q: I have homeowner’s insurance. Is that enough?
A: If and when a catastrophe occurs, documentation is the key factor in determining compensation from an insurance claim. Property claims are handled based on “assumptions” and “standards”. While your insurance company may “assume” you have a color TV in your family room, they may also “assume” it is a “standard” 27” worth around $400. The reality is you may own a 42” plasma screen TV valued at over $6500. American Home Inventory Protection's services can also help you evaluate whether you are properly insured.

Q: What happens in the event of a home disaster or theft?
A: With your signed authorization, we will release your certified inventory records to the appropriate agencies. If you have safely maintained your back-up copy you can forward the package to the appropriate authorities for expedited processing of your claim.

Q: How secure is my information? What do you do to insure privacy?
A: All of our Inventory Specialists have been properly screened and trained. We identify you and your home with a unique and secure number ensuring privacy and security should your CD be lost or stolen. Customer account information is encrypted and stored on a password secured Server that is not connected to the Internet and we also maintain an off-premise back-up of this data. We also guarantee that we will not sell or otherwise provide your information to any third parties.

Q: How long does the In-Home portion of the service last?
A: A home inventory for a 2,000 sq. ft. home with an average amount of furnishings takes approximately 2 to 3 hours to document its general contents. If you have a larger home or special collections the amount of time spent performing the in-home portion of the services can vary depending upon what specific items the homeowner wants documented. Having receipts, product documentation, and your insurance policy ready and available can help expedite the process.

Q: What items should I plan on having documented?
A: Furnishings, appliances, electronics, and any endorsed , appraised, or custom made possessions. During the initial consultation, an American Home Inventory Protection representative will ask the necessary questions to help you determine what items should be documented in your home or business.

Q. When will I receive my completed inventory package?
Upon completion of the initial home inventory evaluation you should receive your package complete with documentation and CD within 3 weeks. If necessary, follow-up visits can usually be performed in less than one hour.

Q: How is my package delivered?
A: American Home Inventory Protection will deliver the final documentation in person or discreetly packaged via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

Q. How do I become a Certified American Home Inventory Protection representative?
A. For information about becoming a American Home Inventory Protection Inventory Specialist please contact us at