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American Home Inventory Protection


Insurance companies, law enforcement, and estate planners recommend a thorough inventory of your personal property.

Statistics from the National Insurance Industry show that homeowners who have a thorough inventory collect more when submitting claims than those who do not.

Our documentation services can also assist you in estate planning, moving and storage preparation, asset liquidation and more.

The stress of loss is NO time to rely on your memory. Our services provide an accurate documented inventory of your home and possessions to ensure proper settlement at the time of a claim.


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American Home Inventory Protection

The first thing whenever a situation arises is to take care of yourself and your family and make sure everyone is safe. After that is usually the hardest time because now you have to start the insurance process.

What's the first step?

After securing your family's safety, contact your agent or your insurance company as soon as possible.

What documents should I be prepared to provide?

It's helpful to have copies of your insurance policy and "declarations" page, which details your specific coverage limits.  A comprehensive inventory of your home's contents, including photographs or video records will smooth the process.

What if my insurance documents were destroyed in the fire?

Your insurance company should have all of your policy information on file, so you will still be covered. But it makes sense to always keep your home's inventory in a readily accessible safe, secure location such as a fire proof safe or a safety deposit box at your financial institution, because that will be difficult, if not impossible to reconstruct in the aftermath of disaster. With American Home Inventory Protection you don't need to worry simply contact us and we will make sure all your information is given to the proper agencies.

If I'm burned out of my home, what documentation do I need to be reimbursed for expenses?

 Coverage for additional living expenses is standard with homeowner's policies at most insurers. You may want to make sure you have it when you do your annual coverage checkup. Fire victims should keep receipts for all hotel rooms, food and staples bought to maintain their regular standard of living.

What if I'm a renter?

Renters insurance typically covers the customer's personal belongings and emergency living expenses, so the same advice applies: Keep an up-to-date home inventory, and save receipts if you are forced to leave. Landlords, conversely, will generally be covered for lost rent.