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American Home Inventory Protection


Insurance companies, law enforcement, and estate planners recommend a thorough inventory of your personal property.

Statistics from the National Insurance Industry show that homeowners who have a thorough inventory collect more when submitting claims than those who do not.

Our documentation services can also assist you in estate planning, moving and storage preparation, asset liquidation and more.

The stress of loss is NO time to rely on your memory. Our services provide an accurate documented inventory of your home and possessions to ensure proper settlement at the time of a claim.


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**No other program on the market offers you continued support after your purchase!

**No gimmicks such as manuals on "filing an insurance claim", or "reducing home owners insurance"!

We don't pretend we are "insurance experts" and would never think of consulting or even giving our opinion on a families insurance needs. That needs to be left to professionals!

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American Home Inventory Protection

Do you need an Home or Business Inventory done? If so please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We have Affiliates throughout the United States that provide Inventory services.

What is a home or small business inventory?

Your American Home Inventory Protection is a detailed specific list of the personal property or assets in your home or business.

We begin by photographing the outside of your home or business and the grounds, including outside buildings and landscaping. Inside the home or business, every room or work area (including the garage and basement) will be photographed, showing all the contents.  These high quality  images record in greater detail all of your collectibles, antiques, jewelry, furs, furniture, cars, boats and if a business, office equipment, and shop equipment.  In addition, a written record will be provided listing each item of value, including a description, serial/model numbers, cost, and your estimated or appraised replacement value (homes only).

We then input all your information and inventory into designed software identified by your case number. All information is then transferred to a CD and given to you upon completion. You will receive a portfolio shortly after the inventory containing your cd(s) and a certificate of "inventory completion" by a third party for insurance purposes.

American Home Inventory Protection offers services for:

  • Homeowners
  • Small businesses
  • Landlords/tenants
  • Boats & aircraft owners
  • Collectors (art, jewelry, wine, coins, stamps, firearms, etc.)
  • Estate planners and attorneys
  • Auction houses

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* There are a variety of ways to see your inventory to include:
Category, Location, Heirs, Appraisal, Insurance Report, and more.


_____ Annual storage & maintenance program
Secure off-site storage of your home or business inventory files. Should the need ever arise where you need your latest inventory we can get you a copy or your insurance company. Each inventory will be maintained for one (1) year off-site.
_____ Landlord/Tenant Protection Plan
  • photograph and document pre-move in condition of dwelling (interior & exterior)
  • provide photos of pre-existing deficiencies
  • prepare documentation to be signed by both parties
_____ Renewal Option
Once a year, clients will receive a reminder to update their records. New purchases can then be photographed and added to the written record; photographs can be done to show home or business improvements or renovations.

Your privacy is important to us.  We provide a professional and confidential home inventory service backed up with a written guarantee. To further ensure your protection, we are licensed and bonded.

Insurance companies and adjusters require detailed information on your property to prove ownership and establish its value.  We provide the documentation you will need to ensure that you receive the maximum reimbursement for your loss in the shortest amount of time.

Quoted from Shelter Insurance Homeowner Policy:

"Know what you own"
Do you know what you own?  You probably think you do, but could you come up with a complete list of all your personal possessions if you had to -- your furniture, appliances, clothing, valuables?  If your home is damaged by a storm, then that is exactly what you might be required to do.  Such a list is needed if a homeowners insurance claim is to be settled fairly.  Also, it is required by your policy.  Now is the time to begin putting together a list or inventory of all your personal property and keep it up to date.

* Something to think about: Our service recommends that your information be kept in a safe deposit box at your local financial institution or a secure, fireproof safe.  This is the only time-tested manner which ensures the information will be there when you need it.  Online services have become popular, however security and confidentiality are questionable to say the least.  Will your on-line inventory be there when you really need it?